About Us

Oh, someone’s actually clicked on this bit.

Well, since you're here, we may as well explain what Frinje stands for and what ‘Pragmatically Pretentious’ actually means.

FRINJE (pronounced just like ‘fringe’ but we thought we’d try to stand out) is a lifestyle brand born out of a desire to represent our passions for ourselves. These are passions that range from exploration and adventure, whether that be through places or experiences, to the lifestyles and diversions that define who we are. We tell these stories from the perspectives of people who share those passions and interests, and we strive to do so with our own aesthetically driven style. Sometimes that aesthetic can get a little abstract... but it’s fun to be a little unorthodox sometimes.

We started as a small group of mountain bikers that just wanted to have some t-shirts that we felt reflected us and how we saw the sport. This meant using imagery that showcased the environments we experienced while riding and the trails that we rode on, because this is what the sport is all about for us. But it we soon started to think that there was more to us than just this one aspect, so why shouldn’t we include these other facets in our designs too? So that’s what we did. We took that ethos of environmental focus and expanded it to all of the things that we are passionate about.

Continuing our ethos of focusing our designs on the environment, it’s only right that we ensure our production is equally environmentally conscious (pretty smooth transition, if I do say so myself). This means that all of our garments are made to WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production) standards, which means that they are produced through an environmentally responsible process as well as ethical working conditions and pay for those who made them. In addition to this, our entire range is made using organic cotton and water-based organic ink. Suffice to say, we decided early on that if we were going to do this, we were going to do it right.