FRINJE (pronounced just like ‘fringe’ but we thought we’d try
to stand out) is a lifestyle brand born out of a desire to represent
our passions for ourselves. These are passions that range from
exploration and adventure, whether that be through places or
experiences, to the lifestyles and diversions that define who we are.
We tell these stories from the perspectives of people who share those
passions and interests, and we strive to do so with our own
aesthetically driven style. Sometimes that aesthetic can get a little
abstract... but it’s fun to be a little unorthodox sometimes.

Our latest range is in the laboratory and is coming along nicely (if we do say so ourselves).

As always, these things rarely go smoothly even at the best of times, and certainly not when you’re as pedantic as we are.

But it’s something that we’re proud of.

We’ve built on what we had developed over our previous ranges and refined our aesthetic to be able to clearly convey our style.

That style has been applied across genres, because as we all know, no one is one dimensional.

This time we’ve tried to expand those genres even further.

Just like always, our entire range is made from organic, fair-trade cotton and printed with water-based organic inks.

And still WRAP certified to ensure ethical working conditions.

These were never going to change.

New Range Coming Soon

Stay tuned for updates